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Green tea is one of the most popular drinks in the Middle East. Its homeland is China, it is also in demand in Korea and Japan. In Western countries, green tea became popular only in the hempstar strain late twentieth century. Tea has a yellow-green hue (see photo), and it tastes sweet with a little astringency flavor.

The history of the origin of green tea says that it began to grow Chinese people in the II century BC. Previously, it was available only to the rulers, so if they were treated to someone from the guests, it was considered a sign of respect and Imperial favor. Also in one of the legends about green tea it is told that for the first time it was found by the Yellow Emperor who was engaged in medical activity and before treating people with herbs, checked them personally on himself. During his life, he received a lot of poisoning (forty-two times). And one day he found a plant, decided to brew it and try to drink. And to everyone’s surprise, this tea cured the Emperor, freeing the body from toxins, after another poisoning. Since then, the plant was given the name «green tea» and used in the treatment of many diseases.

For the manufacture of tea drink take only the upper leaves of young shoots. To leaves longer retain its freshness, they are subjected to treatment (steaming, twisting and drying) immediately after collection. The best time to collect the leaves are considered to be morning and afternoon.

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