impra green tea

Chinese shrub (Camellia sinensis) involves basically a big Bush up to 1.5 metres high, and kind of chagnovich. Homeland river is the South-Westby China, where Shen-Nunu, the Sacred healer, impra green tea the first time I used it. Initially, infusions from the leaves of a greenish river were used as well as a therapeutic method, and only after a period of someone began a luxurious drink. Today, this pellitory cultivate in more than twenty countries of Africa, Asia, and the Meridian of America. In our time period greenish seagulls is considered to be one of the most common potions in the whole of society are not only due to the excellent flavoring qualities, but this, what wonderful qualities can help to strengthen health.

All the famous gulls acquire after a hard speed work out of the leaves and buds, hand-picked canovaro Bush. There are a large number of species of greenish river, but its main characteristic feature is the processing technique, in the process of which almost no fermentation (oxidation) of the leaf is performed. The presence of this treatment leaves the greenish river constantly stir the presence of significant fever, so that catechins, polyphenols and other antioxidants remain intense. This type of processing makes it possible to save the greenish color of the river, and its smell and taste to make a note of new green. In addition, greenish gulls maintains its own healing qualities, presenting with all common brand types are needed. Greenish teas differ according to the growth area, according to the types of Bush, leaf shape, technological processes of convocation, processing and, undoubtedly, quality.

Healing qualities of greenish river may explain the abundance of chemical composition of the plant. In the mute is the most three HUNDRED different elements: polyphenols, flavonoids, elixir of life of the category B, C, K, P, white mountains, carbohydrates, macro-and microelements (metal, element, metal, pyrolusite, element, phosphor, metal, semiconductor), etc.

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