Financing-this model of economic relations, the presence of which one entity (lender) gives another to use a certain amount of money in the circumstances of repayment, usapaydayloans payment and urgency.

The most often in property of the lender designate economic companies and textures-banks, pawnshops, microfinance institutions. In the significance of the borrower have all chances to be, as well as physiological personality, thus and merchants, companies.

General principles of lending

Over the long years of lending practice, several well-established foundations have been formed, which of course are observed:

* The rule of agreement and coincidence of interests. The provision of credit can be executed only by the presence of the presence of the lender of unimpeded funds, and these two edges will reach an agreement on the volume and timing of lending, the amount of the profitable rate. There is no final significance to the right to execute and ensure the provision of the loan.

* The basics of urgency and return. Taken the totality must be vorochennye in the period preset by the agreement, together with the added percentages, which Express the price of maintenance.

* The rule of pledge and provision. The presence of issuing large sums of money any lender wants to make sure that its resources will be turned over. For this reason, someone has the right to demand proof of solvency or the provision of a guarantee of quickly sold property, in no way inferior to the cost of the loan by a Promise for the purpose of rotation because of the loan for the purpose of physiological persons are considered different families of necessity, with the desire to buy their home up to the usual current situation, if immediately necessary a certain set of available money.

Lending for the purpose of physiological persons is able to be:

* Targeted — the presence of which loan resources are used exactly as intended. For example, the presence of a loan in the shopping center in the purchase of electrical technical, the Central Bank transfers resources in cashless payment in the calculated result of the merchant. In this way, the consumer does not observe the available money and is not able to apply them to other needs.

* Non-earmarked funding accounts for cash loans. The presence of this task is indicated only in paper and the Central Bank does not contain a pledge of the use of money by the buyer according to the confirmed purpose.

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