Consumer credit — once from a very comfortable banking instruments, which allows you to get the coveted thing, including if the funds for it at this point there. With consumer Website credit, we meet with the acquisition of small digital and solid home appliances, real estate, furniture.

Car loan is still considered one of the forms of consumer lending. I propose to see in more detail, in fact, that this is a consumer loan, and on what criteria it is possible to obtain, and even what questions have all the chances to appear in the loan design process. Consumer credit is provided to individuals (households) for the purchase of objects of use. The objects of consumer credit have all chances to be literally all kinds of purchases — living space, machine, telephone, TV, organization of marriage, dental healing, etc. Consumer credit contains a target purpose — that is, when it is issued, the Bank is put in popularity, on what cases the borrowed methods will be spent. At times, the Bank issues a loan in cash for non-purpose.

What are the advantages of the loan? It is possible to allow yourself to buy vending thing literally immediately. Credit — own family, fixing the price of the product from the upcoming rise in price. The fee for the product is included in small parts — kademelenme payments, allowing to plan normal home byutzhet and free from financial ruin in the form of a solid one-time monetary embezzlement.

Between the minuses of consumer credit it is possible to designate: the highest interest rate, which significantly increases the price of the product, the presence of hidden additional payments and commissions, which are put by negligent creditors. Well, the emotional component: the 1st impression subsided, the thing is tested and applied, there is a headache in monthly payments. The larger the purchase, the greater that the time of stress: will pay in a timely manner, not whether there will be force majeure with income, it is necessary to work more and acquire, well, for example further…

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